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My short story and poetry publications.

"The Light in Room 214" - 790L, Level Up Fiction Early Readers Program (2019-2020)

"Help! My Spaceship is Haunted" - 760L, Level Up Fiction Early Readers Program (2019-2020)

"Hello, Earthlings" - 610L, Level Up Fiction Early Readers Program (2019-2020)

"Charlie's Garden" -  610L, Level Up Fiction Early Readers Program (2019-2020)

"What the River Claims" - The Pop Machine, Anthology, March 2017

"The Crossing" - Mirror Dance, December 2016

"Resurrection Man" - And So On..., Anthology, September 17, 2016

"In Between" - Moledro Magazine, Issue 3, September 2016

"The Blood We Taste" - Moledro Magazine, Issue 3, September 2016

"Sirena" - 805 Literary and Art Journal, Volume 2 Issue 2, August 2016. Reprinted in their first Anthology, November 5, 2016

"The Woman in White" - Strangelet, July 2016, reprinted in Strangelet's Volume 2 Anthology November 2016

"Death Rise" - Devolution Z, April 2016

"Snow Stars" - Devolution Z, March 2016

"To Dream In Color" - Building Red: Mission Mars, Anthology, October 13, 2015

"Don't Harm the Wine" - Middle Planet, Issue 1, July 29, 2015

"A Yellow Wood" - Every Day Fiction, July 18, 2015.
"Dancing in the Right of Way" - Perihelion, May 12, 2015, Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

"God of the Sea" - 32nd Edition of Microfiction Mondays, April 06, 2015.

"The Garden Street Apartments" - Issue 610, Bewildering Stories , March 02, 2015. BWS First Quarterly Review, March 22, 2015.

"The House on Agate Street" - Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Issue 12, October 17, 2014. Reprinted in The Best of the Vine Leaves Anthology, 2014
"Against the Dying of the Light" - Fiction Vortex, September 30, 2014
"Aberration" - The Red Line, Issue 9 "Escape" contest, winning story
"Mary Loved to Dance" The Milo Review, Vol. 2 Issue 1, Spring 2014

"Pocket Universe" - Farther Stars Than These, 2014

"Child of Light, Child of Dark" - New Realm, 2014

“Click to Send” – Issue 02, Hemingway’s Playpen , June 30, 2013.
“At Bike’s End” - 2nd place winner of the collaborative story contest, 2013 Stanford Story Slam. My portion was the story idea, plot outline, and first 250 words.

Winning piece: "Aberration" by Cyn Bermudez "From the opening line of this story, the reader is captured by the protagonist's desire to escape the ordered life of El Mismo. A missing husband, mirrors and wings, a wise widow, and a mastery in the ways of showing people what they want to see, this story blends the real and the fantastic and creates a tone of controlled suspense" — Anita Dellaria, "Escape" judge, co-founder and editor of The Bird's Thumb.

"THE HOUSE ON AGATE STREET by @cyncbermudez —Charming and sad—Read more @VineLeavesLJ Issue #12 #LitMag #Prose" — Vine Leaves Journal (@VineLeavesLJ)

"The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can." - Neil Gaiman