Many Worlds and Pocket Universes


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"Aberration" - The Red Line, Issue 9 "Escape" contest, winning story
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"Pocket Universe" - Farther Stars Than These, 2014

"Child of Light, Child of Dark" - New Realm, 2014

“Click to Send” – Issue 02, Hemingway’s Playpen , June 30, 2013.
“At Bike’s End” - 2nd place winner of the collaborative story contest, 2013 Stanford Story Slam. My portion was the story idea, plot outline, and first 250 words.

Winning piece: "Aberration" by Cyn Bermudez "From the opening line of this story, the reader is captured by the protagonist's desire to escape the ordered life of El Mismo. A missing husband, mirrors and wings, a wise widow, and a mastery in the ways of showing people what they want to see, this story blends the real and the fantastic and creates a tone of controlled suspense" — Anita Dellaria, "Escape" judge, co-founder and editor of The Bird's Thumb.

"THE HOUSE ON AGATE STREET by @cyncbermudez —Charming and sad—Read more @VineLeavesLJ Issue #12 #LitMag #Prose" — Vine Leaves Journal (@VineLeavesLJ)