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Brothers is a high concept, low-literacy novel series for middle grade students.

"A necessary narrative..." (Fiction. 7-12) - Kirkus Review

Hi/Lo Novel Series, Brothers.

Taken Away, Book I of Brothers. October 01, 2018 (West 44 Books)

Victor, Isaac, Vanessa, and Sara have been taken away from their mother. They've been forced to leave behind their home, school, friends, and worst of all, each other. Vanessa and Sara have been placed in the same foster home, but Victor and Isaac have been separated from their younger siblings and each other. As Victor and Isaac grapple with the many challenges of their new lives, they try to keep in touch through email. Will their messages be enough to get them through the hard times and keep them together?

"The story is sincere and heartfelt; though brief, it packs an emotional punch and does so without sacrificing character and plot. The brevity makes it an appealing option for reluctant and low literacy readers who still want a sustained story." - Kirkus Review



This Place is Not My Home, Book II of Brothers. June 01, 2019 (West 44 Books)

Victor and Isaac aren't sure how long they'll make it in their foster homes. Isaac is comfortable around his foster parents, but afraid they'll give him up. Victor has just landed in a new, crowded home with lots of rules, and is accused of stealing. The brothers make a secret plan to run away from their foster parents and make a home of their own. Will their plan work, or will they lose everything trying?

"The series presents a realistic yet accessible look at a family encountering stressful circumstances. VERDICT Written at a second and third-grade reading level, Brothers is an unflinching exploration of a family navigating foster care." - School Library Journal



Book III

Not Home for the Holidays

February 2020

Book IV
Just Maybe

October 2020

And The Moon Follows


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