By: Cynthia Bermudez | June 15, 2020

My latest video blog below. I put on light make-up around my eyes and it ended making me look more tired. Lol. I'm posting the video blog anyway. In this video blog, I talk about the statuses of my upcoming books but also a brief discussion about Brothers, some of the things I hoped to convey, and why I chose the name, Susan.

Also below is the first illustration for The Gingerbread Man. I've also added the initial sketch I drew by hand first.


This is the sketch I started with.  :)

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By: Cynthia Bermudez | June 08, 2020

Upcoming book releases and pre-order links.

Graffiti Heart June 14

Gingerbread Man June 16

Methuselah Descent June 29

The Gingerbread Man is a retelling with a grandmother and her two grandkids. The story is set in the Philippines. Grandmother uses her special "spice of life" mix while making gingerbread cookies.

By: Cynthia Bermudez | June 04, 2020


Critical mass is approaching. Millions of light-years away, several generations removed, a gas giant rages. They come from an old system. Their stories of the old world are only legends. With the rapid decline of their sun, political tension rises. Sara must decide where her loyalty belongs.



YA Short Story

Science Fiction


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By: Cynthia Bermudez | June 01, 2020


Here is another children's picture book: The Bottle Cap Collection. It is simple. It includes 70 kindergarten sight words. For ages 4 to 6, Pre-K, K, and 1st Grade.

Also here is an excerpt from Methuselah Descent, from Chapter 10. Pre-order links coming soon.


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By: Cynthia Bermudez | May 21, 2020


Here is an excerpt from Graffiti Heart. 

The first 500 words.


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