By: Cynthia Bermudez | February 10, 2019

I'm participating in the Writers of Kern blog challenge. My plan is to have at least one post up by the end of the week, a sort of weekly round-up of the things I did or my random thoughts during the week. This week I've been feeling tired and grumpy. The week before, I did receive some good news. I'm happy to be busy for the coming weeks. I told several of my co-workers my good news, though I won't announce anything just yet.

My current mood is to burrow deep into my apartment, write, sketch, gorge on movies and fiction, binge watch some shows, eat ice cream and cheese, drink sweet wine and molassy beer, and yell and wave my fist at unknown and unwelcome intruders. But...gotta work and sh*t so that aint happening.

Sidewalk Stories

Yesterday I went to the Sidewalk Stories downtown in Bakersfield. I thought all the writers and actors did a fantastic job. Each play was about five minutes long and was about a local historical figure, mini-biographies. Bakersfield has a richer history than what is widely known by those on the outside.

My top three (writing and performance) were Colonel Baker, Pancho Barnes (written by one of my friends), and Truxtun Beale. My top three for the most interesting for me were Larry Itilong, Truxtun Beale, and Earl Warren. Also noteworthy are Dick Fellows and Madge the Madam.

Below is a listing of writers, characters, and actors. I also uploaded the photos I took. I recorded some short videos and took more photos with my phone. If I have time, I might organize those as well.

I snapped this photo while walking with other attendees. One of the history buffs attending informed me this murial is not historically accurate. The boy should be barefoot.
 WritersHistorical Figure Actors 
 James Burger Colonel Thomas Baker Edward Frency
 Rossely HarmonPancho Barnes  Lorilyne Lee LaMaccia
 Chris DisonLarry Itilong  Jorge Lopez
 Robert Byrne Truxtun Beale Luis Velez, Carlos Vera
 Mandy Wallace Dick Fellows Josh Carruthers
 Stefani Diaz Charlie Ping Eric Pichardo
 Jennifer Self Flossie Haggard Laura Cruz
 Martha Warriner Earl Warren Bob Anderson
 Lois Henry Madge the Madam Janice French
 Runa Lemminn Alfred Harrell Jared Cantrell
My top three picks for best costumes were the Pinkneys, Madge the Madam, and Pancho Barnes