By: Cynthia Bermudez | April 02, 2020

Here is a haiku I wrote for the WOK blog for NPM, a poem about our star. Fun facts about our is a G-type main sequence star (H-R diagram), spectral type G-V yellow dwarf. Our sun is half-way through its life. The sun will move off the main sequence in about five billion years.

Red summer sunsets
A large yellow star rages
against the darkness

Happy National Poetry Month!

What are your favorite poems?

Here is one of my favorites:

All For a Day by Robert Sward

All day I have written words:

My subject has been that. Words.

And I am wrong. And the words.

                                                  I burn

Three pages of them. Words.

And the moon, moonlight, that too

I burn. —A poem remains.

But in the words, in the words

In the fire that is now words.

I eat the words that remain.

And am eaten. By nothing.

By all that I have not made.

I love this poem for a couple of reasons. I love the cadence. The way the words flow and roll off the tongue. Also, it's how I feel sometimes when I'm writer blocked. Every writer hates the blank page. Remedies? Reading, re-plotting, and just taking a break and doing something else for a while works for me.