By: Cynthia Bermudez | March 30, 2020

I would love to write songs. Yeah, another goal/thing/hobby/whatever. It's not something I usually tell people. My favorite songwriters are storytellers: Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, and Neil Peart. I have this fantasy that I meet Pink and we converse and she asks me to write songs with her, which the leads to a meet and greet with Billy Corgan and we write songs too. :D

Below is a poem I wrote a long time ago and it's the closest piece I have to a song. The best compliment I received regarding this poem was that it was "lyrical." 

I'm planning to write and illustrate a few children's picture books. I've been practicing with watercolor. I love the look of watercolor illustrations. I'm self taught and am still learning.

Here are two of three of the  illustrations I made for my poem, Pink Bubble Gum. I'm just figuring our how to optimize my scanner. The first two illustrations I sketched, inked where applicable, and used watercolor. The scanner didn't pick up all the color, even on picture mode at 300 dpi. I decided to use plain sketch paper instead of watercolor paper. I sketched and inked and then scanned. I colored in a program on a tablet that is not Procreate. I thought I had this one but I don't. I have an inexpensive Wacom tablet and software that came with it that I'm still learning how to use. 


I'm actually pretty excited about making stories this way. :D


Pink Bubble Gum

I wanna move away 
to a large city and hide 
in a crowd of people

I’ll bring my string quartet 
and bottles of wine

In my rusty old ford 
with gum covered brakes
and stacks of hay 
that touch the clouds

I wanna sit on rooftops 
and feel the purple wind
singing pink bubbles 
‘til I’m blue

I’ve packed my hats 
in a brown paper bag and 
slung it over my shoulder 
with nowhere to go

I wanna wear my hair 
long and twirled up
leaving the feathers 
for the birds

I’ll bring the mist and fog
in my candy striped suitcase

I’ll bring my steering wheel
and steel toed boots