By: Cynthia Bermudez | July 16, 2019


My sister is making halo halo this Saturday, and I'm bummed out that I'm going to miss it. My mom used to make this Filipino dessert. When I was a kid, halo halo was one of those Filipino foods that I acquired a taste for as I got older. I think it's all the sugar in American foods, so with the subtle sweetness of halo halo, I didn't warm up to it at first. But there were other foods I lost the taste for, like bugoung. Little tiny baby shrimps that are super salty. My mom used to mix it in my rice.

So here is my work in progress. I just started this sketch, a series of sketches of the Entwives. This is just for fun fan art and for practice, but I am working on getting a small portfolio together. A simple one. I might play with color pencils with this. I don't know yet. I'm working on her tree form. It's just the beginning. I'm going to try and post more often: works-in-progress, etc.

Every year this time in July just moves in so fast. I still got so much to do! 

"When honey spills, and apple swells, though wind be in the West,
I'll linger here beneath the Sun..."