By: Cynthia Bermudez | March 23, 2020

Below is a poem that was originally published in Moledro Magazine. And like some of my early works, it was inspired by a prompt for a contest. A flash fiction piece about vampires. I was into The Vampire Diaries. In the story, vampires were not these beautiful, super-human creatures but simply blood-hungry monstersold school. I wrote Forever Children during that time as well, a "vampires in space" comic. Check out a sample in my archive of works (linked). I republished this poem in my collection, The Garden Street Apartments.

The Blood We Taste by Cyn Bermudez

She pulled her hood over her head. A few wisps of hair

waved around the edges of it. She ran her tongue over her teeth,

razor sharp and ready, pain stabbing at her stomach.

It’s not like the stories you know.

There were no super powers, no hypnotic stare or faster 

than light movement, no lifting of a thousand pounds, no 

dodging bullets, or frying in the sun.

Only the hunger, an ever present, ever gnawing desire to feed.

She wore shades even though it was dark; her desiccated face a horrible sight.

No wonder they hide—we hide, she thought.

She saw him in the distance. The young boy she loved in high school. 

His heart pounded heavily in her ear. 

His salty iron scent in her nose, her mouth.

        —He saw her too, in the yellowish night. Why didn’t he run? 

But why would he. He loved her too. 

My writing space. Photo by CynB

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