By: Cynthia Bermudez | May 27, 2019

I love painting. Like I'm so in love with painting. Like what took me so long to get here to this point, to find this outlet?

I painted this Friday. This is not from the fantasy landscape sketch I made. I haven't started that one yet. I like it because my tree looks good. I need to practice clouds among others. This is one of two fairy house scenes. Acrylic on 12X12 canvas board. I'll update with the second one when I finish. 

I really enjoy watching Bob Ross. He's so calming and comforting. I'm going to start an oil painting soon using his wet-on-wet technique. 

Oils are expensive. But I've gotten smarter with my art supplies. I buy large tube sets and stick to the primary colors. Having the other colors are great but are really not needed. I also utilize sales and coupons which cuts costs a lot.

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