By: Cynthia Bermudez | January 06, 2020

Available February 1, 2020

I wonder how many blog posts I've posted since my first one? A lot. My first blog was on MySpace. Remember MySpace? I actually miss my page. I was reluctant back then to do anything social media but I was talked into a Facebook first and then a MySpace page.

It took forever to build. Searching for html codes for just about everything. Your page could look anyway you wanted, with music and glitter and "top" friends. I used to type in the smallest font possible because I have a weird awkwardness with the internet.

Social media was like crack back then. I was always checking FB and MS. My MS page was all visual with book, album, and movie covers in collages, a matching color scheme and background image, and a selection of music set to auto-play. FB was all about virtual gifts and throwing sheep and awarding superlatives to your friends  (via the app, e.g.  the most likely to hang with Jesus.)

It's interesting to see how social media has evolved over time to be the thing it is today. 

My first week of 2020 I spent creating posts for my social media accounts and loaded them onto my posting application. I even quoted myself in a couple, which felt weird but usual. I organized my work-space at home, both my art desk and writing desk. Got all my pictures in their frames and hung, which was stuck in the planning stages for a long time.  

A productive week, which is good. My family is safe and healthy. I am gainfully employed. I have a lot bills like everyone but there is a roof over my head, food in the fridge, etc. I'm good. 

I am preparing for my book launch on February 1 at Russo's Books. It's going to be similar to the last one, with cupcakes and lemonade. The graphic and FB link are below. 

Current WIPs: I'm still working on my paranormal crime fiction novel and a comic script. I really don't like to share more than that until it's done.


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