By: Cynthia Bermudez | March 15, 2019

I still have time to finish the blog challenge, but I didn't my weekly post. I need to have twenty-six posts by May 6th.

Tomorrow I'm attending the Writers of Kern Spring Conference. Members get a free half-table. I opted to pay an additional $10 for a full table. This is my first vendor table, so I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm happy that I was able to get advanced copies of book two of Brothers. I have both hard and soft copies. I've been writing a lot! Yay. And I've been coloring and lettering my first comic. 

I'm realizing so much as I'm coloring this comic. One, the original script definitely needed a lot of work. Storytelling via static images is something I hope to get better at. It is a different way of thinking as your conveying  a lot of the story through the images, colors, etc. So I have to correct my "Comics" page soon. Right now, I'm thinking of breaking it up into three or just cutting some of it and making the comic shorter. This is because the script needed work. 

I have completed six chapbooks of collected works. Most of my publications. I revised a lot of them, too. I'm so happy with how they turned out. I'm particularly proud of Conversations with Shadows. I illustrated it. I feel inspired to do more. More chapbooks. Another illustrated poetry collection. New stuff. I will be selling the chapbooks at the conference, too.

I already made my first sell. One of my oldest and best friends bought one copy of each of my works. Retail so I think it counts. Lol. I often feel alone in my creative endeavors, not really having the moral support I wish I had. Moving back to Bakersfield is changing that. Which is nice. My friend was just as excited as I was holding my freshly printed books.  

I'm also attending WC19. So I'm getting my travel plans in order for that too. Next month Camp NaNoWriMo. I set my goal at 30,000-words. That's a thousand words a day.


Lily Hobbs

Posted on : March 16, 2019

Congratulations, Cyn! You've been hard at it! I feel the same about not a lot of support for writing. Except, I need to remember it's WoK that got me writing in the first place. So plunking alone day by day is what we do, right? LOL

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