By: Cynthia Bermudez | March 09, 2020

I recently received a free promotional box from Hello Fresh, three meals for 2, their minimum: 1) prosciutto wrapped chicken and broccoli, mashed potatoes, and mushroom gravy,  2) poblano chili pepper and black bean enchiladas, and 3) Mediterranean baked veggies with couscous and feta cheese.

For the first meal, I forgot to wrap the chicken in the prosciutto before searing. I also forgot to season it. :D The mashed potatoes came out good. The final product was still delicious. The mushroom sauce over the chicken was enough flavor. I topped the chicken with prosciutto instead. The second meal was quick and easy. The beans and green enchilada sauce were canned, so I just had to open the cans and heat up the mixture. I stuffed the tortillas and baked for a minutes. I added a second kind of cheese and black olives. It was good. The third meal was my favorite. I think the key was the broth for the couscous. I love asparagus. The almonds and feta were a nice touch. 


The meals came individually bagged with most of the ingredients, which made preparation easier.

The meals arrive at your door so no trips to the grocery store.


You still have to chop, prepare, and cook the food.

You still have to provide your own salt, pepper, and oil.


It's a good option if you can afford it. 


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